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Hello, I'm Becky. I have this tendency to walk around a lot -- often with a camera. Sometimes, some something will catch my attention and I will press the shutter button of said camera. Later, I may or may not have hundreds of photos. In those hundreds of digital files, there are often a few gems. 

Contrary to this website's subhead, I'm not entirely comfortable calling myself a photographer. I like to look around and notice and [attempt to] understand context. Photography is, to me, one of the most organic ways to do that. Unfortunately, a camera doesn't have the dynamic range of the human eye. A photo can, however, take a place or a moment or a feeling, something utterly intangible and unique to our own experience of the world, and turn it into something  real, solidified, and that transcends the beholder.  

After all, what is being a photographer but serving as an envoy to some other reality?

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I started taking photos because of my absolute love for and obsession with cooking. Over the past seven years, my one constant has been this itching, (ironically) insatiable drive to learn everything I can about food and all that comes with it. Obviously, there's the cooking bit, but then there are also the thousands of food cultures around the world, and then the billions of individual food cultures. Everyone has a relationship to food, and that relationship is informed by greater cultural histories and trends. Food is something universal, yet deeply personal. A fundamental human right, yet viciously unequal.   

I began by taking phone pictures of dishes that I would cook. I then got a camera and starting taking photos of recipes that I would develop. From here, I learned how to style food and how best to light it so that it looks absolutely scrumptious on camera. All this was fine and good, but somehow, the photos didn't feel genuine. It took some time before I realized that I wasn't creating any context to the dishes I would photograph. My food photos began to resemble more still life or lifestyle, and my food styling began to look a lot more like art direction.  

In addition to food, my first love, I was now completely enamored with photography. So of course I learned everything I could about cameras, lenses, light, color theory, composition, etc. 

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From there, I began carrying my camera around with me more often, taking photos of moments and scenes and little things that I noticed. 

(I also began doing some client work, particularly with food, product, and lifestyle photography). 

In the past year, my work has taken to featuring many more human subjects. I am intrigued by the in-between, the actions and expressions of folks in the everyday. "The beauty in the mundane" -- but often those parts of life that are so unexceptional are the most profound. 

That was all quite a lot, wasn't it? Here's the TL;DR. 

My name is Becky. I am a photographer, writer, stylist, cook, and recipe developer based in Detroit, Michigan. Some of you may also know me as the "Clumsy Cook", after the title of my food blog.

I am currently a junior at the University of Michigan studying communications and environmental science. Some of my work includes videography/photography for Filmic Productions, Prayani Indian Yogurt, and Spoon University

I strive to make my photos classy, appealing, sharp, moody, fun, and situational. I specialize in food and lifestyle photography, and dabble in fashion and editorial. (I also really, really like to shoot couples. Capturing love on camera is nice).  

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