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Hello, I'm Becky. I am a photographer, writer, stylist, cook, and recipe developer based in Detroit, Michigan. Some of you may also know me as the "Clumsy Cook", after the title of my food blog, 

I am currently a junior at the University of Michigan studying communications and environmental science. Some of my work includes videography/photography for Filmic Productions, Prayani Indian Yogurt. and Spoon University

My pastimes include:

-Walking around with my camera in hand, usually as a way to make me feel cool but also to take photos of things I find pretty sometimes

-Eating cold cereal for dinner after hours of cooking, styling, and shooting elaborate recipes

-Making new Spotify playlists for each month and then going back to my old playlists and realizing that my music taste has gradually degenerated into some indie/psychedelic/funk abomination 

-Buying a nice journal. Numbering its pages. Picking out a pen with good ink flow. Proceeding to never write in said journal. Repeat.

-Naming every inanimate object I come across

-Petting the cat that lives under my porch, affectionately dubbed "Porch Cat" by the tenants of the house.

I try to find a balance between the aesthetic and the narrative in my photography. The camera to me is a tool that forces you to see your surroundings in ways you might not usually. I'm intrigued by the beauty in the mundane, the presence of vibrant natural colors and lack thereof. But that sounds pretentious, doesn't it? 

TLDR; I strive to make my photos classy, appealing, sharp, moody, fun, and situational. I specialize in food and lifestyle photography, and dabble in fashion and editorial. (I also really, really like to shoot couples. Capturing love on camera is nice).